Meadows Edge Care Home provides a variety of different styles of rooms including ensuite facilities. The rooms are fitted with individual telephone points, broadband, digital radio and Satellite TV.

We have a variety of meeting rooms and quiet areas to allow our clients to meet family and friends in privacy.

Our Facilities

Attends weekly.
Residents own GP attends as required or upon request.
Attends every six weeks.
Available upon request.
Religious needs
Communiion services monthly and extra visit upon request.
Library facilities
Visit from Library every 8 weeks.

Social & recreational facilities

At Meadows Edge, our aim is to provide each client with a quality of life, irrespective of age, race, creed, gender or physical/mental capabilities. Each individual should be given the opportunity to make their own life choices.

Once to one chats allow us to get to know each person and we learn about their families, their history and their hobbies and interests. From this information we can suggest and plan any social activities or recreational needs.

Once a month we have a family party with a theme. Close relatives and friends are invited to tea. Residents and relatives have really enjoyed past parties.

Some of our clients have mental impairment such as Alzheimer’s, but they ejoy one to one contact. Special time is given to these clients – where we can paint nails, do their hair, play and dance (when possible) to music…or use special books with lovely pictures in which can help spark a memory.


We have some coach outings every year. Residents are asked where they would like to go, and if possible we aim to visit the most popular places asked for. We use a specially adapted coach with a hoist, which means even the most severely physically impaired clients can go on an outing. There is a facility on the coach to fasted wheelchairs into place if the client cannot sit on a coach seat. Favourite outings have included a ride in the Wolds, seaside trips and Baytree nurseries.


Visually impaired clients can have access to a special library run by the blind society – which provides large print books. We also have a selection of large print books available in the home.


Music is enjoyed by most clients. We often invite an entertainer to sing and play to the clients. We have a piano which some clients can plan. We take into account clients with hearing aids (who often find the music louder).


Clubs are made available for the clients needs. Not all clients are interested by these facilities, but we try to cover past interests and hobbies for individual clients.

Examples of these clubs are:


  • Sewing circle. Open for all, but especially clients who worked with needlework or had a hobby in this area. The sewing is quite simple, and we try to cater for any physical or mental impairments the clients may have.
  • Gardening club. Being in an agricultural and rural area, many clients have either worked on the land or had an interest in gardening. We have a small raised garden in our courtyard, which can be used – but as many of our clients are infirm they may plant their own pots indoors. One of our long term clients grows her own tomatoes and flowers throughout the year.
  • Art antics We have colouring books, paper and pencils available. We encourage clients to draw pictures, cards and gift labels.
  • Religious services. We have communion taken by the local church in the home and the Methodist church visit to give services too. Other religious needs can be catered for, by contacting local groups. If clients are able, we can take them to their own church services.


All birthdays are celebrated are celebrated with a gift, a cake and a tea party. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate birthday s or Christmas, so they are given some flowers or chocolates on these occasions, and have always been well received. We encourage relatives to attend tea parties when possible, but respect that many families lead very busy lives.


We have a good selection of games, most being specially chosen for the elderly or inform with large numbers and easy to handle parts. Our games include plastic skittles (brightly coloured and very lightweight, so can be handled by those even with severe disabilities), Croquet (which can be played indoors or outside), Snakes & Ladders, Bingo, Dominoes and Playing Cards.


Christmas is always celebrated in a special way at Meadow’s Edge. Their is a Christmas fair, bingo, a raffle and Christmas activities such as making cards for loved ones.

A trip to Baytree is always popular at Christmas for our clients, where they are able to buy presents and decorations.

We also try to organise a candlelight carol service with the local Brownies.

And let’s not to forget the man himself! A visit from Father Christmas, bearing gifts for all on Christmas morning always brings joy to all.

We take into account that Christmas brings back many memories, usually good but sometimes less so. We always cater for special needs.


Our Services

Prior to admission we do offer potential clients the opportunity to come and visit for the day, an overnight stay or a trial period if they with – whichever they are most comfortable with. This enables them to obtain a good idea of the day to day running of our home.

We are happy for guests to bring in any items of furniture or personal belongings from home (e.g. photographs, ornaments, pictures etc) to make the room feel more personal to them.